Who Am I?

At first I was not sure if I was going to use this platform, but I find that I love it! So, I figure that if you found me here you probably want to know maybe a little bit about me because I am obviously using this platform to give insights and opinions. I’m guessing that to say I like Converse Chucks isn’t going to cut it.

I am an old guy in body but maybe not in soul. That means I have made it past 60. I’ve spent most of that time following Jesus, tending His sheep, and trying my best to be loving.

I’ve also spent a lot of time in school, having received my doctorate and master’s degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary and my undergraduate degree from Tufts University. Those are not the only places where I went to school, but honestly, it doesn’t really matter. I think you just want to know enough to figure out whether or not I have some sort of training behind me when I talk about the Bible.

Wisdom of Old “Soles”

Wisdom of Old “Soles” is not a misspelling, though given my background it could be. But in this case, it’s a play on words because I have forever worn Converse sneakers—probably long before you were born, so don’t judge me. It can be kinda cool (or groovy) when an old guy wears Chucks, but I have to acknowledge it’s kinda creepy if an old guy wears them to try to be young. Hopefully, I am the former and not the creepy latter. On the other hand, soon I may be senile and it won’t matter anyway.

This Substack site is where you will find my thoughts and musings especially while we are designing our new web platform (WisdomOfOldSoles.com). It’s a project under construction by a team of really dedicated volunteers.

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